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Be sure to contact us at 403 249-7333 for an in home appraisal with Brian Lehman, CPPA or Jannie Stoodley, CPPA (Canadian Personal Property Appraisers).

LIVING/ESTATE SALE PROCESS - helpful information and safety first.

Brian Lehman, CPPA  - Canadian Personal Property Appraiser conducted his first Estate Sale 30 years ago.  Since then Brian Lehman Evaluations Inc. & Estate Sale Pros has become a growing business due to the rise in the senior population.

When you're thinking of having an Estate Sale from the home, it’s best to get advice from a professional company.   

Planning ahead is our best advice.

First we recommend you find a new place to live.  Have everything you’re keeping moved out of the home prior to the Estate Sale set up.  In some cases the house & contents can be offered for sale simultaneously with professionals.

The remaining contents can be organized, priced and set up for sale.  

Marketing and advertising are a key element to a successful Living/Estate Sale.  Professional companies have email lists of invited shoppers who attend many sales on a regular basis.

All of this requires people to help do the job. A professional company should work with the family to help in the process; this allows them to see where the items end up.

Estate Sales should always be well staffed with food and drinks on site so no one has to leave.  We recommend that 4 - 12 people work during the sale, depending on the size of the property and home. Everyone working the sale should be briefed on the sale policies and procedures prior to the sale starting.

A friendly yet attentive greeter/security person should be stationed at one entrance/exit.  The home should have good signage inside the home.  Numbers are given out in advance to avoid anyone getting in early. 

Limit the number of people in the home at any one time.

Home and content items are insured by the home owner.  Have properly locked display cases with additional staff to handle valuable items.

Try to make arrangements for larger items to be picked up during the sale hours (we recommend having movers lined up in advance).  

At the end of the sale any of the remaining items can be kept by the family or donated to charity.

The home is then cleaned and the new owners take possession, or the home gets listed or it’s ready to rent.

Item(s) of high-value should be sold by a reputable organization.  We do not recommend selling items privately from your home unless you are working with a professional organization that has experience.

Any type of business being conducted in your home should be done with caution and safety first.

Again, there are always details and circumstances that make every Estate Sale unique to each family’s situation when it comes to conducting a safe and successful Estate Sale.  

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Last updated April 13, 2015
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